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Module Version: 0.01   Source  

n4Me ^

ACME::Error::31337 - ACM3::ERRoR b4ck3ND To tR4NSl4T3 erRorS 7O co0l 74Lk

sYn0PS1S ^

  use ACME::Error::31337;

  die "You stink!";

DEScR1Pt10N ^

CoNv3R7 y0Ur 3RR0rS 7o 31173 spE3cH.

US3 $Lingua::31337::LEVEL 70 rA1sE OR 10W3r YoUR L3vel of 31I7eNess.

auTH0R ^

CAS3y W3ST <f<CaseY@geeKNEst.Com>>

cOpyRiGH7 ^

COpYRiGht (C) 2002 C4s3Y R. weSt <C4seY@G33kneSt.cOM>. 4l1 r1gH7S ResERVED. 7h1S PR0grAm 1S pHr3E sOPhTW4RE; YoU c4n red1S7rIBuT3 17 AND/0R m0dIpHy It UnDEr th3 SaMe TeRMS aS Per1 itSE1F.

s3e aLSo ^

p3rl(1), AcM3::eRROr, L1NGu4::31337.

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