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This Release Acme-MetaSyntactic-Themes-1.051  [Download] [Browse 12 Nov 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Acme::MetaSyntactic::Themes The original Acme::MetaSyntactic themes     1.051
Acme::MetaSyntactic::abba Singers from the 1970s Swedish pop group     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::afke Afke's Children     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::alice Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::alphabet Learn your ABC in various languages     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::amber The Amber theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::antlers The antler theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::asterix Asterix the Gaul     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::barbapapa The Barbapapa theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::barbarella Characters from the movie     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::batman The batman theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::ben_and_jerry Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavours     1.010
Acme::MetaSyntactic::bible Bible books     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::booze The booze theme (not for teetotalers)     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::bottles Bottle sizes, kings, patriarchs and private eyes     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::browser The "browser" theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::buffy The Buffy theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::calvin Characters from Calvin and Hobbes     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::camelidae Members of the Camelidae family     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::care_bears The Care Bears theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::chess The chess pieces theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::colors The colors theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::colours The colours theme     1.003
Acme::MetaSyntactic::constellations The constellations theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::contrade The contrade theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::counting_rhyme The counting rhyme theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::counting_to_one The "movies where you count up to one" theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::crypto The crypto theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::currency The currency theme     1.005
Acme::MetaSyntactic::dancers The dancers theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::debian The debian theme     1.002
Acme::MetaSyntactic::dilbert The Dilbert theme     1.005
Acme::MetaSyntactic::discworld The Discworld theme     1.002
Acme::MetaSyntactic::doctor_who The Doctor Who theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::donmartin The Don Martin theme     1.004
Acme::MetaSyntactic::dwarves The seven dwarves theme     1.002
Acme::MetaSyntactic::elements The chemical elements theme     1.002
Acme::MetaSyntactic::evangelion The Neon Genesis Evangelion theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::fabeltjeskrant Characters from the 'Fabeltjeskrant'     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::facecards The facecards theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::fawlty_towers Characters and episodes from Fawlty Towers     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::flintstones The Flintstones theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::french_presidents The presidents of France theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::garbage The garbage theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::garfield The Garfield theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::gems The gem stones theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::good_omens The Good Omens theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::groo The Groo the Wanderer theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::haddock Tintin's Captain Haddock fierce expressions     1.002
Acme::MetaSyntactic::hhgg The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::iata IATA airport codes     1.003
Acme::MetaSyntactic::icao ICAO airport codes     1.005
Acme::MetaSyntactic::invasions The naval and airborne invasions theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::jabberwocky Jabberwocky     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::jamesbond The James Bond theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::jerkcity The Jerkcity theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::linux The Linux theme     1.032
Acme::MetaSyntactic::loremipsum The Lorem Ipsum theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::lotr The Lord of the Rings theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::lucky_luke Characters from *Lucky Luke*     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::magic8ball The magic8ball theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::magicroundabout The Magic Round-About theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::magma The Magma theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::mars The mars theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::metro The metro theme     1.004
Acme::MetaSyntactic::monty_spam The Monty Python SPAM theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::muses Greek Muses     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::nis Nick Ing-Simmons     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::nobel_prize Nobel prize winners     1.006
Acme::MetaSyntactic::norse_mythology Characters from Norse mythology     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::octothorpe The octothorpe theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::olympics Olympic cities theme     1.002
Acme::MetaSyntactic::opcodes The Perl opcodes theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::oulipo The Oulipo theme     1.003
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pantagruel The Pantagruel theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pasta The pasta theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pause_id The PAUSE id theme     1.013
Acme::MetaSyntactic::peanuts The Peanuts theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pgpfone The PGPfone biometric word list     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::phonetic The phonetic theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pie The pie theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::planets The planets theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pm_groups The Perl Mongers groups theme     1.028
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pokemon The Pokémon theme     1.009
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pooh The characters from *Winnie-the-Pooh* theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pop2 The pop2 theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pop3 The pop3 theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pornstars The porn stars theme     1.031
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pumpkings The pumpkings theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::punctuation The punctuation theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::pynchon The Pynchon theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::python The Python theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::quantum The Quantum Mechanics theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::regions Administrative country subdivisions     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::reindeer Santa's Reindeer     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::renault Renault cars     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::robin The Robin theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::roman The roman theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::scooby_doo The Scooby Doo theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::screw_drives     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::services The services theme     1.005
Acme::MetaSyntactic::shadok The Shadok theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::simpsons The Simpsons theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::sins The seven deadly sins     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::smtp The (E)SMTP commands theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::smurfs Smurfs     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::space_missions The space missions theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::sql The SQL theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::stars The stars theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::state_flowers The US State Flowers theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::summerwine The 'Last of the Summer Wine' theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::swords The swords theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::tarot Tarot cards     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::teletubbies The teletubbies theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::thunderbirds Thunderbirds are GO!     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::tld The Top-Level Domain theme     1.009
Acme::MetaSyntactic::tmnt The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::tokipona Words from the Toki Pona language     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::tour_de_france Tour de France winners     1.007
Acme::MetaSyntactic::trigan The *The Trigan Empire* theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::unicode The unicode theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::us_presidents The presidents of the USA theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::userfriendly The *User Friendly* theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::vcs The vcs theme     1.001
Acme::MetaSyntactic::viclones The vi clones theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::wales_towns Towns in Wales     1.011
Acme::MetaSyntactic::weekdays The days of the week theme     1.000
Acme::MetaSyntactic::yapc The YAPC theme     1.004
Acme::MetaSyntactic::zodiac The zodiac theme     1.000


Acme::MetaSyntactic::screw The screw drives theme