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Acme::Pr0n - expose the naughty bits of modules to the world


  use Acme::Pr0n qw( Regexp::English );


Acme::Pr0n exposes the naughty bits of other modules. Simply pass a list of module names you want to uncover, and everything (well, every function, anyway) normally hidden will be imported into your namespace.

It looks in @EXPORT and @EXPORT_OK, and ignores those. You can see those functions anyway. Where's the fun in that?

Please note that you must have loaded the module you want to leer at -- it's a little like consent. The victim module must also have a version greater than 0.18. If there's no version, Acme::Pr0n won't bother guessing. It will carp(), so be ready for that.


None, by default. I suppose you could use this module on yourself, but you'll probably go blind if you do that. It's also under the age of consent.



Modules with custom import()s are more or less immune. The author considers this to be a feature, at least until he writes Glob::Util. It's a surprisingly tricky problem.


chromatic (chromatic at wgz dot org), with substantial thematic help from Michael G Schwern, Mark-Jason Dominus, Joel Noble, and Norm Nunley. Yikes. You really had to be there.

Dave Cross suggested looking in %INC. Go, Dave.

DJ Adams let me upload the initial version in the hallway at OSCON 2002 from his laptop. Now he's tainted too!

Juerd (jwaalboer at convolution dot nl) suggested some POD fixes. Thanks!


perl, a psychiatrist.

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