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Module Version: v5.34.36.1   Source  


Alien::ROOT - Utility package to install and locate CERN's ROOT library


  use Alien::ROOT;

  my $aroot = Alien::ROOT->new;


Installs or detects CERN's ROOT library.

This version of Alien::ROOT will download and install ROOT v5.30.0 if necessary. If an existing (and compatible) installation of ROOT was detected, the module will not download/compile/install a new version of ROOT.



Creates a new Alien::ROOT object, which essentially just has a few convenience methods providing useful information like the path to the ROOT installation (ROOTSYS environment variable) and the path to the root-config utility.


Determine if a valid installation of ROOT has been detected in the system. This method will return a true value if it is, or undef otherwise.

Example code:

  print "okay\n" if $aroot->installed;


Sets up the ROOT environment (see setup_environment) and then invokes the ROOT shell by simply calling root.


Sets up the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables to point at the correct paths for ROOT.

Throws an exception if ROOT was not found, so wrap this in an eval or check $aroot->installed before using this.


Determine the installed version of ROOT, as a string.

Example code:

  my $version = $aroot->version;



This returns the flags required to link C code with the local installation of ROOT.

Example code:

  my $ldflags = $aroot->ldflags;



This method returns the compiler option flags to compile C++ code which uses the ROOT library (typically in the CFLAGS variable).

Example code:

  my $cflags = $aroot->cflags;


This method returns a string of ROOT features that were enabled when ROOT was compiled.

Example code:

  my $features = $aroot->features;
  if ($features !~ /\bexplicitlink\b/) {
    warn "ROOT was built without the --explicitlink option";


This method returns the path to the executable directory of ROOT.

Example code:

  my $dir = $aroot->bindir;
  system(File::Spec->catfile($dir, 'root'));


This method returns the path to the library (lib/) directory of ROOT.

Example code:

  my $dir = $aroot->libdir;


This method returns the path to the include directory of ROOT.

Example code:

  my $dir = $aroot->incdir;


This method returns the path to the 'etc' directory of ROOT.

Example code:

  my $dir = $aroot->etcdir;


This method returns true if the copy of ROOT that is being used was installed by Alien::ROOT and is considered private.

Example code:

  my $is_private = $aroot->private_root;


Steffen Mueller <>


This package is based upon Jonathan Yu's Alien::libjio and Mattia Barbon's Alien::wxWidgets. They kindly allowed me to use their work as a starting point.


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc Alien::ROOT

You can also look for information at:


You can access the most recent development version of this module at:



SOOT, the Perl-ROOT wrapper.

SOOT::App, the SOOT shell.

Alien, the Alien manifesto.


This module is licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0 or at your discretion, any newer version of the GPL. You can find a copy of the license in the LICENSE file of this package or at

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