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Alzabo::GUI::Mason - A GUI for Alzabo using Mason


  install GUI and use it ;)


This module exists primarily so CPAN will index this distribution.

All of the GUI functionality is implemented via Mason components (for now, at least).


To install the interface, run the following commands:

 perl Build.PL

 ./Build install

The installation process is interactive. You will need to tell the installer where you want the Mason components installed. If you are not familiar with Mason, then you can just use your web server's document root, or any directory underneath it.

To actually use this GUI you will need to set up your web server to use Mason. See the Mason documentation for details.

You'll want to make sure that JPEG files are not served by Mason in whatever directory you install the data modelling tool. For Apache with mod_perl, you can use a configuration something like this:

  <Location /alzabo>
    SetHandler  perl-script
    PerlHandler HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler

  <LocationMatch "/alzabo/.*\.jpg$">
    SetHandler  default


Dave Rolsky <>

John Skelton designed the interface <>

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