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Alzabo::Create::Column - Column objects for use in schema creation


  use Alzabo::Create::Column;


This object represents a column. It holds data specific to a column. Additional data is held in a Alzabo::Create::ColumnDefinition object, which is used to allow two columns to share a type (which is good when two columns in different tables are related as it means that if the type of one is changed, the other is also.)





The constructor accepts the following parameters:

It returns a new Alzabo::Create::Column object.

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::Params


This method allows you to change a column's type, length, and precision as a single operation. It should be instead of calling set_type() followed by set_length().

It takes the following parameters:

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::Params, Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

set_type ($type)

Sets the column's type.

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::Params, Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

set_table (Alzabo::Create::Table object)

Sets the Alzabo::Create::Table object in which this column is located.

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::Params

set_name ($name)

Sets the column's name (a string).

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::Params, Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

set_nullable (0 or 1)

Sets the nullability of the column (this determines whether nulls are allowed in the column or not). Must be 0 or 1.

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::Params

set_attributes (@attributes)

Sets the column's attributes. These are strings describing the column (for example, valid attributes in MySQL are "PRIMARY KEY" or "AUTO_INCREMENT").

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

add_attribute ($attribute)

Add an attribute to the column's list of attributes.

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

delete_attribute ($attribute)

Delete the given attribute from the column's list of attributes.

Throws: Throws: Alzabo::Exception::Params, Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

set_default ($default)

Sets the column's default value.


This method takes the following parameters:

This method sets the column's length and precision. The precision parameter is optional (though some column types may require it if the length is set).

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

set_sequenced (0 or 1)

Sets the value of the column's sequenced attribute.

Throws: Alzabo::Exception::Params, Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

set_definition (Alzabo::Create::ColumnDefinition object)

Sets the Alzabo::Create::ColumnDefinition object which holds this column's type information.


If the column's name has been changed since the last time the schema was instantiated, this method returns the column's previous name.

set_comment ($comment)

Set the comment for the column object.

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