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Alzabo::PostgreSQL - Alzabo and PostgreSQL


This documentation is about what special support Alzabo has for PostgreSQL, as well as what is lacking.

Postgres support is based on the 7.3.x version of Postgres. Alzabo should work with the 7.1 and 7.2 series, and may even work with the 7.0 series.

Mixed-case Table or Column Names

By default, Postgres treats table and column names case-insensitively. Because of this, Alzabo always quotes these names when generating DDL SQL. If you are using tables or columns that contain upper-case characters, you should always call $schema->set_quote_identifiers(1) as soon as you load your schema object. Otherwise, any method which generates DML SQL will fail.

Reverse Engineering


Outer joins


Column constraints can be specified as column attributes. Table constraints can be specified as table attributes.

Foreign key constraints are generated automatically based on the relationships defined by your schema.

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