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Jonathan Rockway > AnyEvent-Subprocess


This Release AnyEvent-Subprocess-1.102912  [Download] [Browse 25 Feb 2011
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


AnyEvent::Subprocess flexible, OO, asynchronous process spawning and management     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::DefaultDelegates sets up default delegate name/builder mappings     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Delegate role representing a delegate     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Done represents a completed subprocess run     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Done::Delegate role that delegates on the Done class must implement     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Done::Delegate::CaptureHandle store the output generated by a handle while the process was running     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Done::Delegate::Handle store leftover wbuf/rbuf from running Handle     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Done::Delegate::State thread state through the job/run/done lifecycle     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Done::Delegate::Timeout done delegate for a job that can time out     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Easy wrappers around AnyEvent::Subprocess to save typing in simple cases     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Handle AnyEvent::Handle subclass with some additional methods for AnyEvent::Subprocess     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job role representing a runnable job     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate role that delegates on the Job class must implement     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate::Callback call callbacks for each job/run/done step     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate::CaptureHandle capture the data that comes in via a handle     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate::CompletionCondvar provide a condvar to indicate completion     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate::Handle share a filehandle or socket with the child     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate::MonitorHandle monitor a handle for input and invoke callbacks with that input     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate::PrintError Print errors to a filehandle     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate::Pty give the child a pseudo-terminal     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Job::Delegate::Timeout Kill a subprocess if it takes too long     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Role::WithDelegates paramaterized role consumed by classes that have delegates     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Role::WithDelegates::Manager manage delegate shortcuts     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Running represents a running subprocess     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Running::Delegate delegate on the running process class     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Running::Delegate::Callback the Running part of the Callback delegate     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Running::Delegate::CaptureHandle Running part of the CaptureHandle delegate     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Running::Delegate::CompletionCondvar Running part of the CompletionCondvar delegate     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Running::Delegate::Handle Running part of the Handle delegate     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Running::Delegate::MonitorHandle Running part of the MonitorHandle delegate     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Running::Delegate::Timeout Running part of Timeout delegate     1.102912
AnyEvent::Subprocess::Types MooseX::Types used internally     1.102912