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Jonathan Rockway > AnyEvent-ZeroMQ


This Release AnyEvent-ZeroMQ-0.01  [Download] [Browse 15 May 2011
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


AnyEvent::ZeroMQ non-blocking interface to ZeroMQ sockets     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Handle AnyEvent::Handle-like interface for 0MQ sockets     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Handle::Role::Generic stuff both readable and wrtiable handles do     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Handle::Role::Readable be a readable handle     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Handle::Role::Writable be a writable handle     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Publish Non-blocking OO abstraction over ZMQ_PUB publish/subscribe sockets     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Publish::Trait::Topics trait to prefix a message with a topic     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Pull Non-blocking OO abstraction over ZMQ_PULL push/pull sockets     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Push Non-blocking OO abstraction over ZMQ_PUSH push/push sockets     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Reply Non-blocking OO abstraction over ZMQ_REP request/reply sockets     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Request Non-blocking OO abstraction over ZMQ_REQ request/reply sockets     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Role::WithHandle Role for specialized socket types that has_a handle object     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Subscribe Non-blocking OO abstraction over ZMQ_SUB publish/subscribe sockets     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Subscribe::Trait::Topics trait to parse messages and extract the topic     0.01
AnyEvent::ZeroMQ::Types Type constraints for data passed to the ZMQ library     0.01