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Module Version: 0.05   Source   Latest Release: Apache-Clean-2.00_7


Apache::Clean - mod_perl interface into HTML::Clean



 PerlModule Apache::Clean

 <Location /clean>
    SetHandler perl-script
    PerlHandler Apache::Clean

    PerlSetVar  CleanLevel 3

    PerlSetVar  CleanOption shortertags
    PerlAddVar  CleanOption whitespace

    PerlSetVar  CleanCache On

Apache::Clean is Filter aware, meaning that it can be used within Apache::Filter framework without modification. Just include the directives

  PerlModule Apache::Filter
  PerlSetVar Filter On

and modify the PerlHandler directive accordingly...


Apache::Clean uses HTML::Clean to tidy up large, messy HTML, saving bandwidth. It is particularly useful with Apache::Compress for ultimate savings.

Only documents with a content type of "text/html" are affected - all others are passed through unaltered.


Apache::Clean supports few options, most of which are based on options from HTML::Clean. Apache::Clean will only tidy up whitespace (via $h->strip) and will not perform other options of HTML::Clean (such as browser compatibility). See the HTML::Clean manpage for details.


sets the clean level, which is passed to the level() method in HTML::Clean.

  PerlSetVar CleanLevel 9

CleanLevel defaults to 3.


specifies the set of options which are passed to the options() method in HTML::Clean.

  PerlAddVar CleanOption shortertags
  PerlSetVar CleanOption whitespace

CleanOption has do default.


sets the behavior of Apache::Clean in regards to proper cache header behavior. this option is only meaningful when Apache::Clean is _not_ part of an Apache::Filter chain.

mainly, CleanCache On enables Apache::Clean to set the Last-Modified, Content-Length, and Etag headers, as well as allowing it do decide whether a 304 response is allowed. See recipe 6.6 in the mod_perl Developer's Cookbook for a more detailed discussion on handling conditional and cache-based headers - the code is practically identical to what you will find there.

The basic idea here is that although Apache::Clean is dynamically manipulating the content of the requested resource, the meaning of the document has not changed just because <strong> was changed to <b>. If you disagree with this assessment you can set CleanCache to Off.

CleanCache defaults to On.


Verbose debugging is enabled by setting $Apache::Clean::DEBUG=1 or greater. To turn off all debug information, set your apache LogLevel directive above info level.

This is alpha software, and as such has not been tested on multiple platforms or environments. It requires PERL_LOG_API=1, PERL_FILE_API=1, and maybe other hooks to function properly.


No known bugs or features at this time...


perl(1), mod_perl(3), Apache(3), HTML::Clean(3), Apache::Compress(3), Apache::Filter(3)


Geoffrey Young <> Paul Lindner <> Randy Kobes <>


Copyright (c) 2002, Geoffrey Young, Paul Lindner, Randy Kobes. All rights reserved.

This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as Perl itself.


This code is derived from the Cookbook::Clean and Cookbook::TestMe modules available as part of "The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook".

For more information, visit

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