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This Release Apache-iNcom-0.09  [Download] [Browse 19 Jun 2000
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Special Files


Apache::Session::DBIBase64Store Session persistence via DBI with ASCII encoding of session data.    1.2
Apache::iNcom An e-commerce framework.    0.09
Apache::iNcom::CartManager Object responsible for managing the user shopping cart.    1.7
Apache::iNcom::Localizer Object responsible for the localization of the generated request.     
Apache::iNcom::OrderManager Module responsible for order management.    1.5
Apache::iNcom::Request Manages the Apache::iNcom request's informations.    1.15
Apache::iNcom::Session Apache::Session implementation for Apache::iNcom    1.5
Apache::iNcom::SessionLocker Manage locks for iNcom's sessions.    1.1
Apache::iNcom::UserDBAuthen mod_perl authentication handler that use the UserDB.     
Apache::iNcom::UserDBAuthz mod_perl authorization handler that use the UserDB.     
DBIx::SearchProfiles Access to SQL database via template query.    1.9
DBIx::UserDB Module to manage a user database using DBIx::SearchProfiles    1.6
HTML::FormValidator Validates user input (usually from an HTML form) based on input profile.    1.7