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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::Followme Update a static website     1.16
App::Followme::ConfiguredObject Base class for App::Followme classes     1.16
App::Followme::ConvertPage Convert Markdown files to html     1.16
App::Followme::CreateGallery Create a photo gallery page     1.16
App::Followme::CreateIndex Create index file for a directory     1.16
App::Followme::CreateNews Create an index with the more recent files     1.16
App::Followme::CreateSitemap Create a Google sitemap     1.16
App::Followme::EditSections Edit the section tags on an html page     1.16
App::Followme::FormatPage Modify pages in a directory to match a prototype     1.16
App::Followme::Initialize     1.16
App::Followme::Module Base class for modules invoked from configuration     1.16
App::Followme::Template Handle templates and prototype files     1.16
App::Followme::UploadFtp Upload files using ftp     1.16
App::Followme::UploadLocal Upload files through file copy     1.16
App::Followme::UploadNone Go through the motions of uploading files     1.16
App::Followme::UploadSite Upload changed and new files     1.16


App::Followme::Guide How to install, configure, and run followme Combine website files with Initialize module Modify web files so they are in a single flat directory  
followme Simple static website creation and maintenance  

Other Files