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This Release App-Framework-1.07  [Download] [Browse 28 Jul 2016
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Special Files


App::Framework A framework for creating applications     1.07
App::Framework::Base Application feature     1.100
App::Framework::Base::Object Basic object     2.002
App::Framework::Base::Object::DumpObj Dump out an objects contents     2.002
App::Framework::Base::Object::ErrorHandle Adds error handling to basic object     1.004
App::Framework::Base::SearchPath Searchable path     1.000
App::Framework::Core Base application object     1.015
App::Framework::Core::Script App::Framework command line script personality     1.003
App::Framework::Extension Application Extension     1.000
App::Framework::Extension::Daemon     1.000
App::Framework::Extension::Filter Script filter application object     1.001
App::Framework::Feature Application feature     1.001
App::Framework::Feature::Args Handle application command line arguments     1.007
App::Framework::Feature::Config Configuration file read/write     0.11
App::Framework::Feature::Data Handle application setup data     1.003
App::Framework::Feature::Logging Application logging     1.001
App::Framework::Feature::Mail Send mail     1.002
App::Framework::Feature::Options Handle application options     1.005
App::Framework::Feature::Pod Application documentation     1.002
App::Framework::Feature::Run Execute external commands     1.008
App::Framework::Feature::Sql MySql interface     2.016
App::Framework::Settings Application framework configuration     1.000


App::Framework::CoreModules Module list for installed Core modules  
App::Framework::Daemon Daemonize an application  
App::Framework::Debugging Debugging tools/methods  
App::Framework::ExtensionModules Module list for installed Extension modules  
App::Framework::FeatureModules Module list for installed Feature modules  
App::Framework::GetStarted Getting Started