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This Release App-Gitc-0.60  [Download] [Browse 02 Aug 2013
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License The GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3, November 2007
Special Files


App::Gitc::Its::Eventum Support for Eventum ITS (Issue Tracking System)     0.60
App::Gitc::Its::Github Support for Github Issue Tracking     0.60
App::Gitc::Its::Jira Support for Atlassian JIRA ITS (Issue Tracking System)     0.60
App::Gitc::Its::RT Support for RT ITS (Issue Tracking System)     0.60
App::Gitc::Reversible Simple reversible computation for gitc     0.60
App::Gitc::Test Test class for gitc     0.60
App::Gitc::UserLookup App::Gitc::Util helper     0.60
App::Gitc::UserLookup::LocalGroup App::Gitc::Util helper     0.60
App::Gitc::Util The workhorse of gitc     0.60


App::Gitc Git Changesets - tools for managing your git changes  
git-merge-theirs A new 'theirs' merge strategy for git  
gitc The root delegator of all other gitc commands  
gitc-add-user Add the user to the current project  
gitc-archive-tags Archive changeset tags  
gitc-branch Manage changeset branches  
gitc-branch-point Find the branch base commit point  
gitc-cancel Cancel a changeset  
gitc-changesets-in Find changesets that are reachable from a list of commits  
gitc-current-branch Return the current branch  
gitc-diff Show a diff of the current changeset  
gitc-diff-versions Show a diff between two version tags  
gitc-diffsites Show a diff of a target environment  
gitc-edit Edit a changeset  
gitc-fail Fail a changeset review  
gitc-group Return a list of changesets bound to the same issue  
gitc-history Show the history of a changeset  
gitc-import-tags Import changeset tags  
gitc-list Get a list of active changesets  
gitc-log Show a changeset log  
gitc-open Open a new changeset  
gitc-pass Pass a changeset review  
gitc-project-name Return the current project name  
gitc-promote Promote changesets to a higher development level  
gitc-promoted Return a list of promoted changesets  
gitc-quickfix Open a quickfix changeset  
gitc-rebase Rebase a changeset  
gitc-review Review a submitted changeset  
gitc-setup First time user setup for a gitc project  
gitc-show Show a diff of a specified changeset  
gitc-status Get the status of the current changeset  
gitc-submit Submit a changeset for code review  
gitc-sync Sync up all local branches with the remote  
gitc-touch Touch a changeset  
gitc-unpromoted Return a list of unpromoted changesets  

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