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This Release App-JobLog-1.042  [Download] [Browse 24 Jan 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::JobLog base of work log application     1.042
App::JobLog::Command common functionality of App::JobLog commands     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::add log an event     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::configure examine or modify App::JobLog configuration     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::done close last open event     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::edit edit the log     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::info provides general App::JobLog information     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::last show details of last recorded event     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::modify modify last logged event     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::note take a note     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::parse parse a time expression     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::resume resume last closed task     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::summary show what you did during a particular period     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::tags show what tags you have used     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::today show what has happened today     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::truncate decapitate the log     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::vacation controller for vacation dates     1.042
App::JobLog::Command::when when you'll be done for the day     1.042
App::JobLog::Config central depot for App::JobLog configuration parameters and controller allowing their modification     1.042
App::JobLog::Log the code that lets us interact with the log     1.042
App::JobLog::Log::Day collects events and vacation in a complete day     1.042
App::JobLog::Log::Event basically adds an end time to App::JobLog::Log::Line events     1.042
App::JobLog::Log::Format pretty printer for log     1.042
App::JobLog::Log::Line encapsulates one line of log text     1.042
App::JobLog::Log::Note timestamped annotation in log     1.042
App::JobLog::Log::Synopsis consolidates App::JobClock::Log::Event objects for display     1.042
App::JobLog::Time consolidates basic time functions into one location     1.042
App::JobLog::TimeGrammar parse natural (English) language time expressions     1.042
App::JobLog::Vacation controller for the vacation model     1.042
App::JobLog::Vacation::Period extension of App::JobLog::Log::Event to handle special properties of vacation periods     1.042


job log what you do