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Kevin Dawson > App-Midgen


This Release App-Midgen-0.34  [Download] [Browse 25 May 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::Midgen Check RuntimeRequires & TestRequires of your package for CPAN inclusion.     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Attributes Package Attributes used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::AttributesX Package Attributes used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Eval     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Experimental     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::FindMinVersion     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Heuristics     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::InDistribution     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Options Package Options used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output A collection of output orientated methods used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output::CPANfile Output Format - cpanfile, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output::Dist Output Format - dist.ini, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output::EUMM Output Format - ExtUtils::MakeMaker, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output::Infile Modules and files they were found in, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output::MB Output Format - Module::Build, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output::METAjson Output Format - META.json, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output::MI Output Format - Module::Install, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::Output::MIdsl Output Format - Module::Install::DSL, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::TestRequires extra checks for test files, looking for methods in use Test::Requires blocks, used by App::Midgen     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::UseModule     0.34
App::Midgen::Role::UseOk     0.34


App::Midgen::Roles::Eval used by App::Midgen  
App::Midgen::Roles::Experimental used by App::Midgen  
App::Midgen::Roles::FindMinVersion used by App::Midgen  
App::Midgen::Roles::Heuristics used by App::Midgen  
App::Midgen::Roles::InDistribution used by App::Midgen  
App::Midgen::Roles::UseModule looking for methods with Module::Runtime includes, used by App::Midgen  
App::Midgen::Roles::UseOk extra checks for test files, looking for methods in use_ok in BEGIN blocks, used by App::Midgen  
midgen Check requires & test_requires of your package for CPAN inclusion.