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This Release App-OrgUtils-0.44  [Download] [Browse 05 Nov 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::FilterOrgByHeadlines Filter Org by headlines     0.44
App::ListOrgAnniversaries List all anniversaries in Org files     0.44
App::ListOrgHeadlines List all headlines in all Org files     0.44
App::ListOrgHeadlinesFast List & count Org headlines & todos     0.44
App::ListOrgTodos List all todo items in all Org files     0.44
App::OrgUtils Some utilities for Org documents     0.44


count-done-org-todos Count todos which are done in Org document  
count-org-headlines-fast Count Org headlines  
count-org-todos Count todos in Org document  
count-org-todos-fast Count Org todos  
count-undone-org-todos Count todos which are undone in Org document  
dump-org-structure Dump Org document structure  
filter-org-by-headlines Filter Org by headlines  
list-org-anniversaries List all anniversaries in Org files  
list-org-headlines List all headlines in all Org files  
list-org-headlines-fast List Org headlines  
list-org-priorities List all priorities defined in all Org files  
list-org-tags List all headline tags found in all Org files  
list-org-todo-states List all todo states in all Org files  
list-org-todos List all todo items in all Org files  
list-org-todos-fast List Org todos  
move-done-todos Move done todos from one Org file to another  
stat-org-document Print statistics of an Org document