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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
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App::PMUtils Command-line utilities related to Perl modules     0.56


pmbin List scripts that come with the same distribution of a Perl module  
pmcat Print Perl module source codes  
pmchkver Check locale module's version against version on CPAN  
pmcore Check if Perl module is in core  
pmcost Load Perl module with Devel::EndStats  
pmdir Get directory of locally installed Perl module/prefix  
pmdoc Show documentation of Perl module  
pmedit Launch editor for Perl module source code  
pminfo Get Perl module information  
pmless Show Perl module source code with `less`  
pmlines Count number of {code,POD} lines in a Perl module  
pmlist List Perl modules (and PODs, and module prefixes)  
pmman Show manpage of Perl module  
pmpath Get path to locally installed Perl module  
pmstripper Strip Perl module source codes using Perl::Stripper  
pmuninst Uninstall an installed Perl module (using cpanm --uninstall)  
pmversion Get Perl module version  
pmxs Check whether an installed Perl module is XS/pure-perl  
podpath Get path to locally installed POD