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Steve Kemp > App-Templer


This Release App-Templer-1.2  [Download] [Browse 10 Jul 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::Templer A holder for our version     1.2
Templer::Global Configuration-file parser for templer.      
Templer::Plugin::Breadcrumbs A plugin to create breadcrumbs      
Templer::Plugin::Dollar A simple shell-like syntax for template variables.      
Templer::Plugin::Factory A simple plugin class      
Templer::Plugin::FileContents A plugin to read file contents.      
Templer::Plugin::FileGlob A plugin to expand file globs.      
Templer::Plugin::HTML A simple (nop) HTML-formatting plugin      
Templer::Plugin::Hash Create SHA1 hashes from file contents.      
Templer::Plugin::Markdown A simple markdown-formatting plugin      
Templer::Plugin::Perl A simple inline-perl plugin      
Templer::Plugin::RSS A plugin to include RSS feeds in pages.      
Templer::Plugin::Redis A plugin to retrieve values from Redis      
Templer::Plugin::RootPath A plugin to add path to web-root to variables.      
Templer::Plugin::ShellCommand A plugin to execute commands.      
Templer::Plugin::SiteMap Generate a SiteMap automatically.      
Templer::Plugin::Strict A XML-like strict syntax for templates tags.      
Templer::Plugin::Textile A simple textile-formatting plugin.      
Templer::Plugin::TimeStamp A plugin to get TimeStamp of source files      
Templer::Site An interface to a templer site.      
Templer::Site::Asset An interface to a site asset.      
Templer::Site::New Create a new templer site      
Templer::Site::Page An interface to a site page.      
Templer::Timer A utility class for recording build-time.      


templer A static-site generator, written in perl.  
templer-generate Generate a stub static-site to be processed via templer.  

Other Files