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This Release Attean-0.019  [Download] [Browse 04 Feb 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Attean A Semantic Web Framework     0.019
Attean::API Utility package for loading all Attean role packages.      
Attean::API::Binding Name to term bindings      
Attean::API::Expression SPARQL expressions      
Attean::API::Iterator Typed iterator      
Attean::API::Model RDF Model      
Attean::API::Parser Parser role      
Attean::API::Plan Query plan      
Attean::API::Serializer Serializer role      
Attean::API::Store Triple/quad store role      
Attean::API::Term RDF Terms      
Attean::BindingEqualityTest Test for equality of binding sets with bnode isomorphism      
Attean::Blank RDF blank nodes      
Attean::CodeIterator Iterator implementation backed by a generator function      
Attean::IDPQueryPlanner Iterative dynamic programming query planner      
Attean::IRI RDF Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs)      
Attean::IteratorSequence Iterator implementation backed by zero or more sub-iterators      
Attean::ListIterator Iterator implementation backed by a list/array of values      
Attean::Literal RDF Literals      
Attean::Quad RDF Quads      
Attean::QuadModel RDF model backed by a quad-store      
Attean::QueryPlanner Query planner      
Attean::RDF Utility package for exporting shorthand functions for constructing RDF objects      
Attean::Result SPARQL Result      
Attean::SimpleQueryEvaluator Simple query evaluator      
Attean::TermMap Mapping terms to new terms      
Attean::TreeRewriter Walk and rewrite subtrees      
Attean::Triple RDF Triples      
Attean::TripleModel RDF model backed by a set of triple-stores      
Attean::Variable Pattern matching variables      
AtteanX::API::JoinRotatingPlanner Query planning role to produce alternative join plans      
AtteanX::API::Lexer Role defining common functionality for lexers.      
AtteanX::Parser::NQuads N-Quads Parser      
AtteanX::Parser::NTriples N-Triples Parser      
AtteanX::Parser::NTuples Shared functionality for N-Triples and N-Quads parsers      
AtteanX::Parser::RDFXML RDF/XML Parser      
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL SPARQL 1.1 Parser.      
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLJSON SPARQL JSON Parser      
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLLex SPARQL Lexer      
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLTSV SPARQL Results TSV Parser      
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLXML SPARQL XML Parser      
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLXML::SAXHandler XML parser for SPARQL XML Results format      
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle Turtle RDF Parser      
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Constants Constant definitions for use in parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples      
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Lexer Tokenizer for parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples      
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Token Token objects used for parsing of Turtle     0.019
AtteanX::SPARQL::Constants Constant definitions for use in parsing and serializing SPARQL      
AtteanX::SPARQL::Token Token objects used for parsing and serializing SPARQL      
AtteanX::Serializer::CanonicalNTriples Canonical N-Triples Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::NQuads N-Triples Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::NTriples N-Triples Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::NTuples Shared functionality for N-Triples and N-Quads serializers      
AtteanX::Serializer::RDFXML RDF/XML Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQL SPARQL Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLCSV SPARQL Results CSV Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLHTML SPARQL Results HTML Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLJSON SPARQL Results JSON Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLTSV SPARQL Results TSV Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLXML SPARQL Results XML Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::Turtle Turtle Serializer      
AtteanX::Serializer::TurtleTokens Turtle Serializer      
AtteanX::Store::Memory Simple in-memory RDF store      
AtteanX::Store::Simple Simple, unindexed, in-memory RDF store      
AtteanX::Store::SimpleTripleStore SimpleTripleStore, unindexed, in-memory RDF store      


Attean::API::AbbreviatingParser Role for parsers that use construct absolute IRIs based on prefixed names or base IRIs  
Attean::API::AbbreviatingSerializer Role for serializers that can abbreviate IRIs as prefixed names or relative IRIs  
Attean::API::AggregateExpression Role representing an aggregate expression tree  
Attean::API::AppendableSerializer Role for serializers that can be repeatedly invoked while keeping output valid  
Attean::API::AtOnceParser Role for parsers that natively parse all input before returning any data  
Attean::API::Blank Role representing RDF blank terms  
Attean::API::BlankOrIRI Role representing blank or IRI terms  
Attean::API::BulkUpdatableModel Role representing models that can perform bulk update operations  
Attean::API::IDPJoinPlanner Iterative dynamic programming query planning role  
Attean::API::IRI Role representing RDF IRI terms  
Attean::API::Literal Role representing RDF Literal terms  
Attean::API::MixedStatementParser Role for parsers of Attean::API::TripleOrQuad objects  
Attean::API::MixedStatementSerializer Role for serializers of Attean::API::TripleOrQuad objects  
Attean::API::MutableModel Role representing mutable models  
Attean::API::MutableTripleStore Role representing mutable triple stores  
Attean::API::PullParser Role for parsers that natively return an iterator  
Attean::API::PushParser Role for parsers that natively call a callback function for each parsed item  
Attean::API::Quad Role representing quads  
Attean::API::QuadParser Role for parsers of Attean::API::Quad objects  
Attean::API::QuadPattern Role representing quad patterns  
Attean::API::QuadSerializer Role for serializers of Attean::API::Quad objects  
Attean::API::Query Utility package defining query-related roles  
Attean::API::RepeatableIterator Role representing iterators that may be reset and iterated again  
Attean::API::Result Role representing a set of variable bindings  
Attean::API::ResultParser Role for parsers of Attean::API::Result objects  
Attean::API::ResultSerializer Role for serializers of Attean::API::Result objects  
Attean::API::TermOrVariable Role representing terms and variables  
Attean::API::TermParser Role for parsers of Attean::API::Term objects  
Attean::API::TermSerializer Role for serializers of Attean::API::Term objects  
Attean::API::Triple Role representing triples  
Attean::API::TripleOrQuad Role representing triples and quads  
Attean::API::TripleParser Role for parsers of Attean::API::Triple objects  
Attean::API::TriplePattern Role representing triple patterns  
Attean::API::TripleSerializer Role for serializers of Attean::API::Triple objects  
Attean::API::Variable Role representing term variables  
Attean::AggregateExpression Representation of aggregate expression trees  
Attean::Algebra Representation of SPARQL algebra operators  
Attean::Expression SPARQL Expressions  
Attean::Plan Representation of SPARQL query plan operators  

Other Files