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create_database ^


This is a simple demonstration script that quickly build a relational database of your music collection from flat files, XML dumps, or from MP3 tags themselves. It illustrates the primary functions of the Audio::DB::Build module.

 create_database --user todd --pass password --dsn todds_music \
                 --library /Users/todd/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music\ Library.xml


Options: adaptor either dbi::sqlite or dbi::mysql dsn the name of your database user database username, if required pass database password if required host database host, if other than localhost

In addition, you should supply one of the following options:

   library  full path to your iTunes Music Library.xml file
   dirs     full path to directories containing MP3s to read
   files    full path to directories containing flat files of information
   cols     (if the files option is provided, pass an ordered list of column names)

To create a database using an itunes XML file and mysql: create_database -adaptor dbi::mysql -dsn new_library -library Music/Library.xml

To create a database by reading the ID3 tags directly (MP3s ONLY!): create_database -adaptor dbi::mysql -dsn new_library -dirs /Music/ /temp/

To create a database from a flatfile of information: create_database -adaptor dbi::mysql -dsn new_library -files Documents/music_info.txt \ -cols album artist track title total_tracks

Columns should correspond to those found in in the data hash. See the section describing the load_database method of Audio::DB::Build.


 Todd Harris (;
 $Id: create_database.PLS,v 1.1 2005/02/27 16:56:25 todd Exp $
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