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This Release Authen-Passphrase-0.008  [Download] [Browse 04 Feb 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Authen::Passphrase hashed passwords/passphrases as objects     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::AcceptAll accept any passphrase     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::BigCrypt passphrases using bigcrypt algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::BlowfishCrypt passphrases using the Blowfish-based Unix crypt()     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::Clear cleartext passphrases     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::Crypt16 passphrases using Ultrix crypt16 algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::DESCrypt passphrases using the DES-based Unix crypt()     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::EggdropBlowfish passphrases using Eggdrop's blowfish.mod     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::LANManager passphrases using the LAN Manager hash algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::LANManagerHalf passphrases using half the LAN Manager algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::MD5Crypt passphrases using the MD5-based Unix crypt()     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::MySQL323 passphrases using the MySQL v3.23 algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::MySQL41 passphrases using the MySQL v4.1 algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::NTHash passphrases using the NT-Hash algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::NetscapeMail passphrases using Netscape Mail Server's method     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::PHPass passphrases using the phpass algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::RejectAll reject all passphrases     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::SaltedDigest passphrases using the generic salted digest algorithm     0.008
Authen::Passphrase::VMSPurdy passphrases with the VMS Purdy polynomial system     0.008