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This is the base class for generating a captcha challenge

captcha challenges must support the following methods

  ->new( keygenerator_instance=> $keygenerator_instance );
  ->validate( user_response=> $user_response );
     validate must return :
        1 success
        0 failure
        -1 error

there are 3 public methods that must be available to other modules

        what a user should do
    what to prompt the user with
    this will be rendered by the render engine
    for image/audio this is probably the same as correct_response
    the repsonse

Example: Image Authen::PluggableCaptcha: instructions: type in the letters you see user_prompt: abcdef correct_response: abcdef

        Text Logic Authen::PluggableCaptcha:
                instructions: do this math problem
                user_prompt: what is 12 divided by 1 ?
                correct_response: 12


new PARAMS Returns a new Authen::PluggableCaptcha::Challenge object constructed according to PARAMS, where PARAMS are name/value pairs.

PARAMS are required name/value pairs. Required PARAMS are:

keymanager_instance TYPE

A reference to an object derived from Authen::PluggableCaptcha::KeyManager


Note that setters and getters are seperate. Setters should only be called from derived classes. Getters can be called anywhere from perl code.

validate TYPE

validate the challege

returns: 1 on success 0 on failure -1 on error

This method MUST be overriden in a subclass

_keymanager TYPE

set the keymanager instance

keymanager TYPE

get the keymanager instance

_instructions TYPE

set the instructions text

instructions TYPE

get the instructions text

_user_prompt TYPE

set the user_prompt text

user_prompt TYPE

get the user_prompt text

_correct_response TYPE

set the correct_response text

correct_response TYPE

get the correct_response text

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