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This Release Badger-0.12  [Download] [Browse 12 Dec 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Badger Perl Application Programming Toolkit     0.12
Badger::App base class application module      
Badger::Apps factory module for application modules      
Badger::Base base class module      
Badger::Class class metaprogramming module     0.01
Badger::Class::Config class mixin for configuration      
Badger::Class::Vars class module for defining package variables      
Badger::Codec base class for encoding/decoding data      
Badger::Codec::Base64 encode/decode data using MIME::Base64      
Badger::Codec::Chain encode/decode data using multiple codecs      
Badger::Codec::Encode codec wrapper around Encode      
Badger::Codec::Encoding base class codec for different encodings      
Badger::Codec::HTML encode and decode reserved characters in HTML      
Badger::Codec::JSON encode/decode data using JSON      
Badger::Codec::Storable encode/decode data using Storable      
Badger::Codec::TT encode/decode data using TT data syntax      
Badger::Codec::Timestamp encode/decode a timestamp via Badger::Timestamp      
Badger::Codec::URI URI encode/decode      
Badger::Codec::URL URL encode/decode      
Badger::Codec::Unicode encode/decode Unicode      
Badger::Codec::YAML encode/decode data using YAML      
Badger::Codecs modules for encoding and decoding data      
Badger::Comparable base class for comparable objects      
Badger::Config configuration module      
Badger::Config::Filesystem reads configuration files in a directory      
Badger::Constants defines constants for other Badger modules     0.01
Badger::Data base class for data object      
Badger::Data::Facet base class validation facet for simple data types      
Badger::Data::Facet::Class metaprogramming module for data facet classes      
Badger::Data::Facet::List base class for list validation facets      
Badger::Data::Facet::List::MaxSize validation facet for the size of a list      
Badger::Data::Facet::List::MinSize validation facet for the size of a list      
Badger::Data::Facet::List::Size validation facet for the size of a list      
Badger::Data::Facet::Number base class for numerical validation facets      
Badger::Data::Facet::Number::Min validation facet for a minimum numerical value      
Badger::Data::Facet::Text base class for text validation facets      
Badger::Data::Facet::Text::Length validation facet for text length      
Badger::Data::Facet::Text::MaxLength validation facet for text length      
Badger::Data::Facet::Text::MinLength validation facet for text length      
Badger::Data::Facet::Text::Pattern validation facet for text pattern match      
Badger::Data::Facet::Text::Whitespace validation facet for whitespace      
Badger::Data::Facets factory module for data validation facets.      
Badger::Data::Type base class for data types      
Badger::Data::Type::Class metaprogramming module for data type classes      
Badger::Data::Type::Number base class data type for numbers      
Badger::Data::Type::Simple base class for simple data types      
Badger::Data::Types factory module for Badger::Data::Type objects      
Badger::Date simple object representation of a date      
Badger::Debug base class mixin module implement debugging methods      
Badger::Duration simple class for representing durations      
Badger::Exception structured exception for error handling      
Badger::Exporter symbol exporter     0.01
Badger::Factory base class factory module      
Badger::Factory::Class class module for Badger::Factory sub-classes      
Badger::Filesystem filesystem functionality      
Badger::Filesystem::Base common functionality for Badger::Filesystem modules      
Badger::Filesystem::Directory directory object      
Badger::Filesystem::File file object      
Badger::Filesystem::Path generic fileystem path object      
Badger::Filesystem::Virtual virtual filesystem      
Badger::Filesystem::Visitor visitor for traversing filesystems      
Badger::Filter object for simple filtering      
Badger::Hub central repository of shared resources      
Badger::Hub::Badger central hub for accessing Badger components      
Badger::Log log for errors, warnings and other messages      
Badger::Log::File writes log messages to a log file      
Badger::Logic parse and evaluate simple logical expressions      
Badger::Mixin base class mixin object      
Badger::Modules a module for loading modules      
Badger::Period base class for Badger::Date and Badger::Time      
Badger::Prototype base class for creating prototype classes      
Badger::Rainbow colour functionality      
Badger::Test test module      
Badger::Test::Manager test manager module      
Badger::Timestamp object representation of a timestamp      
Badger::URL representation of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL)      
Badger::Utils various utility functions     0.02
Badger::Workplace a place to do work      
Badger::Workspace an object representing a project workspace      


Badger::Changes Summary of changes in the Badger toolkit  
Badger::Class::Method metaprogramming module for adding methods to a class  
Badger::Data::Type::text base class data type for text  
Badger::FAQ Frequently asked questions about Badger  
Badger::Intro Introduction to the Badger Toolkit