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This Release Basset-1.04  [Download] [Browse 08 Jun 2007
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Special Files


Basset::Container::Hash     1.00
Basset::DB talks to your database and gives you a few helper database methods.     1.03
Basset::DB::Nontransactional A non transactional database driver.     1.02
Basset::DB::Table used to define database tables, ways to load that data into memory and build queries based upon the table information     1.02
Basset::DB::Table::View used to define virtual views to your objects.     1.00
Basset::Logger Logger object. Writes things to files.     1.01
Basset::Machine used to state machines     1.01
Basset::Machine::State used to create machine states.     1.01
Basset::NotificationCenter used to notify other objects of interesting things     1.02
Basset::Object used to create objects     1.03
Basset::Object::Conf used to read conf files     1.03
Basset::Object::Persistent subclass of Basset::Object that allows objects to be easily stored into a relational database. Presently only supports MySQL, but that may change in the future.     1.03
Basset::Template my templating system     1.04
Basset::Test     1.01
Basset::Test::More     1.00