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Every controller needs to have either a location or a rel_location (except the base controller see below) to control its URL.

The location specifies a URL which is relative to the server's document root. This specifically means that the base controller's location is not considered (for that use rel_location instead).

What if you need a module that will not be mounted on a URL? Then, in my terminology, that module is not a controller. You are welcome to have such modules in your application, just don't tell Bigtop about them.

Base Controllers

The location statement behaves slightly differently for the base controller. If used in a base controller, location specifies the absolute URL path from the server's document root, just as for regular controllers. But, this location becomes the anchoring location to which all rel_locations are relative.

Note that you could also use the deprecated app level location statement for this purpose. Don't use both, the effect is not dependable. This statement is prefered.

Also note that the stand alone server probably won't play well with a non-default base location.


Build the example with:

    bigtop -c example.bigtop all

change to the Kids directory, start app.server, and look for rascals in the available URLs list.

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