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Bugs Report for the NEXPL library


This document contains the bugs reports for the NEXPL library.

ID: 0001 method fails to read distance in scientific notation

ID: 0002 SPAN DBI connect failure

ID: 0003 gv doesn't see multi-page format of nexplot-generated PostScript

ID: 0004 Margin loss in PDF conversion of multi-page nexplot-generated Postscript

ID: 0005 psresize fails with nexplot-generated PostScript

ID: 0006 inconsistent numbering of inodes in SPAN vs. nexplot

ID: 0007 Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock comparison method fails to see character state edits

ID: 0008 pipeline NEXUS output with unexpected wtset formats

ID: 0009 pipeline NEXUS output with non-numerics in wtset vector

ID: 0010 wrong name for trees block in pipeline NEXUS output

ID: 0011 blocks in pipeline NEXUS output use inconsistent OTU names

ID: 0012 trees not rooted in pipeline NEXUS output

ID: 0013 extra "endblock" token at end of pipeline NEXUS output

ID: 0014

ID: 0015 loss of first line of alignment in pipeline NEXUS output

ID: 0016 Reference lines printed by nexplot in tree-only mode

ID: 0017 Nextool's exclude command fails to alter all characters blocks

ID: 0018 Nexplot plots rootnodes for unrooted trees

ID: 0019 Rerooting in nextool does nothing

ID: 0020 Rerooting in nextool creates trees with problems

ID: 0021 Too many column labels printed in data matrix in nexplot output

ID: 0022 nexplot creates bogus trees when two nodes have the same name

ID: 0023 "walk_OTU() method not found in" error

ID: 0024 Undocumented rewrite and addtree commands in nextool

ID: 0025 rename command in nextool does not affect all blocks

ID: 0026 rename_otus() method in treats scalars as objects

ID: 0027 branch lengths incorrect when otus are removed

ID: 0028 Select and Exclude OTU functions do not change all blocks

ID: 0029 Select and Exclude column functions affect first Characters Block only

ID: 0030 Select and Exclude column functions may corrupt assumptions block

ID: 0031 "interleave" token in CharactersBlock->{Format} not removed for non-interleaved output

ID: 0032 NEXPL corrupts all UNKNOWN Blocks

ID: 0033 "WeightSet" formatting flags not parsed

ID: 0034 "weightsets" returned as strings rather than arrays

ID: 0035 No histograms in nexplot/histograms with non-normalized heights

ID: 0036 Node::parse() parses taxa in trees differently than other blocks

ID: 0037

ID: 0038

ID: 0039

ID: 0040

ID: 0041

ID: 00

ID: 00

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