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Charles Stephen Embry > BioX-SeqUtils-Promoter


This Release BioX-SeqUtils-Promoter-0.1.1  [Download] [Browse 26 Aug 2010
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BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter Identification of core promoter elements and CpG islands in DNA sequeces via Consensus Sequences/Motifs     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::Alignment gets sequences and performs mulitple alignement     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::Annotations identification of promoter elements in sequence ,sequences, or alignments     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::Annotations::Base [One line description of module's purpose here]     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::Annotations::CG identification of CpG islands, CG rich regions     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::Annotations::Consensus identification core promoter elements via consensus sequences     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::Base     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::SaveTypes Types of output files to be saved     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::SaveTypes::Base     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::SaveTypes::RImage pdf output file with visually tagged promoter elements via R     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::SaveTypes::Text MSA output in text file format     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::Sequence specific sequences and colors to be associated with them     0.1.1
BioX::SeqUtils::Promoter::Sequences collection object of Sequences     0.1.1