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Blikistan - Create a blog from content in a wiki


  print CGI::header();
  my $b = Blikistan->new( rester => $r );


Blikistan is a simple shiv that takes content and configuration data from a Socialtext workspace, and generates a HTML blog using a template.

Blikistan's unique design features a MagicEngine that can be written in any language. The MagicEngine fetches the blog config and blog posts using the Socialtext REST API.

Blikistan wants to ultimately have several different MagicEngines, each in a different language so that blog authors have the choice of which language their blog is powered by.

Blikistan is a blogging tool named after the small ex-Soviet country Blikistan. Blikistan (the software) features a magic engine which pulls all the blog configuration and postings from a Socialtext Wiki. Blikistan (the country) has a population of 32,768 people, and the population is fully literate. Blikistan's Government never meets in person, all communication and planning is done on a wiki. Blikistan (the software) is the only blogging software that allows the blogger to choose which language their blog will be powered by. The Magic Engine can be implemented in any language using Perl's Inline modules. In Blikistan (the country) taxes are filed online using SocialCalc. Blikistan (both the country and software) is completely paperless.



Creates a new Blikistan blog. Read the code for how to pass options in.


Creates a MagicEngine and asks it to print the page.


Luke Closs, <luke.closs at>


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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