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This Release Blog-Spam-1.0.2  [Download] [Browse 24 Sep 2010
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Blog::Spam::API A description of Blog-Spam API.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::00blacklist Reject comments from known-bad IP addresses.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::00whitelist Always permit comments from some IP addresses.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::Sample A sample plugin.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::badip Reject comments from known-bad IP addresses.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::bayesian Bayesian analysis of submitted comments.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::bogusip Reject comments from bogus IP addresses.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::drone Lookup comment submissions in      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::dropme A plugin for self-dropping comments.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::emailtests Reject email addresses which are bogus.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::hashcash Block comments which have bogus Wordpress values      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::httpbl Lookup submitters in the HTTP;bl list      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::logger Log the contents of our messages.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::lotsaurls Reject comments containing multiple URLs.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::multilinks Reject opportunistic use of URLs.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::rdns Reject content from hosts with no RDNS.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::requiremx Reject email addresses to have an MX record.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::sfs Lookup comment submissions in      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::size Size-Test submitted comments.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::stopwords Reject comments which contain known-bad words.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::strong Block comments which have undue strong tags.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::surbl Discard comments with surbl-listed URLs.      
Blog::Spam::Plugin::wordcount Discard comments with too few words.      
Blog::Spam::Server An RPC server which detects comment spam.     1.0.2


blogspam An RPC server for testing blog comments  

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