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This Release CGI-AppToolkit-0.051  [Download] [Browse 17 Jun 2002
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Special Files


CGI::AppToolkit An object-oriented application development framework    0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Data::Automorph A SQL data source component of CGI::AppToolkit that inherits from CGI::AppToolkit::Data::SQLObject and adds the ability to 'interrogate' the DBD to gather information about the database table. You can    0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Data::Object A data source component of CGI::AppToolkit    0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Data::SQLObject A SQL data source component of CGI::AppToolkit that inherits from CGI::AppToolkit::Data::Object    0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Data::TestSQLObject An example object, illustrating how to subclass CGI::AppToolkit::Data::SQLObject.    0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Template Perl module to manipulate text templates    0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Template::Filter A superclass for CGI::AppToolkit::Template filters    0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Template::Filter::Abs     0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Template::Filter::BR     0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Template::Filter::HTML     0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Template::Filter::Money     0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Template::Filter::URL     0.05
CGI::AppToolkit::Template::TemplateC     0.01