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CGI::Builder::LogDispatch - integrated logging system for CGI::Builder

VERSION 0.01 ^


    CGI::Builder    >= 1.12
    Log::Dispatch   >= 2.0


    # just include it in your build
    use CGI::Builder
    qw| CGI::Builder::LogDispatch
    # Logger can write to different "Log Levels". The default level is 
    # "warning". Messages of lesser importance will not be written. When
    # developing, you probably want this cranked to "debug":
    sub OH_init {
        my ($webapp) = @_;
        # This MUST be done before calling $webapp->logger or it will have no effect!
        $webapp->logger_config('min_level' => 'debug');
    # Then use it to write nicely formatted messages to your web server log
    sub PH_AUTOLOAD {
        my ($webapp) = @_;
        # The default min_level
        $webapp->logger->debug("This message only gets logged if you set min_level=>debug.");
        if ( $webapp->page_error ) {
            $webapp->logger->error("Oh no! There is a problem!");


The module should do what you want with no prodding. Just include it and start using the logger property to log things. If you are using Apache::CGI::Builder and Apache::Log, it will automatically use Apache's native log mechanism. Otherwise it prints log messages to STDERR (which goes to the web server error log), prepending them with a timestamp.

If you want to do anything fancier than this you can override the logger_new method in your build to construct the object any way you like. See Log::Dispatch for details.


Support is provided via the CGI::Builder Users mailing list. You can join the CBF mailing list at this url:


Many thanks to Domizio Demichelis, author of the CGI::Builder framework, and Dave Rolsky, author of Log::Dispatch.


Vince Veselosky (


(c) 2005 by Vincent Veselosky

This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as perl itself.

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