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csl_index - interface to CPAN::Search::Lite::Index


This script is an interface to CPAN::Search::Lite::Index, used to set up and subsequently maintain the database. One option, config specifies the configuration file:

   perl csl_index --config /path/to/cpan.conf

which is used to specify the additional options needed (these are described in CPAN::Search::Lite::Index). Either this option must be given or the environment variable CSL_CONFIG_FILE, pointing to the configuration file, must be present.

An optional argument of setup:

   perl csl_index --config /path/to/cpan.conf --setup

is used to create and populate the needed tables initially; note that any existing tables will be dropped with this option. Without the setup option, the current tables will be updated, as required.

One can reindex an exisiting entry in the database by

   perl csl_index --config /path/to/cpan.conf --reindex dist_name

where dist_name is the distribtion name (without version number). This option may be specified multiple times to reindex a list of distributions. A filename may also be specified containing distributions to be indexed (one per line), for which

   perl csl_index --config /path/to/cpan.conf --reindex file_name

will reindex all the files specified in file_name.

There is some information in the chapters and <reps> tables, extracted from %chaps and $repositories of CPAN::Search::Lite::Util, that relate to descriptions of the chapters and Win32 ppm repositories. These tables may be rebuilt using

   perl csl_index --config /path/to/cpan.conf --rebuild-info



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