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Source  [pod] The root of all evil
Cac/  [pod] Accessing globals
Cac/  [pod] Calling Routines
Cac/  [pod] embedding COS
Cac/  [pod] misc. Utilities
Cac/  [pod] bind variables
Changes I should maintain this :)
THANKS Dankeschoen.
LICENSE LGPL - the license of choice for this module
Makefile.PL don't look at it.
MANIFEST this evil file
README autogenerated
t/001-load-perl.t test1, see if our perl works
t/002-load-cache.t test2, see if we can "use Cache"
META.yml Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
gen/Makefile.unix Makefile for building a Perl with embedded Cache on Unix platforms
gen/cacperl.xs The root of all evil
gen/perl_callout.c The call-out interface
gen/real_main.c Our chooser between Perl and Cache
gen/cache_fix.c preserve terminal settings in perl-master-mode
gen/cache_fix.h preserve terminal settings in perl-master-mode