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README The main README file
MANIFEST This shipping list
ChangeLog List of changes  [pod] Main runtime file
Datum/  [pod] Assert expression extractor
Datum/  [pod] Dynamic DATUM configuration
Datum/  [pod] Flag constants
Datum/  [pod] Offer to strip Carp::Datum calls
Datum/ Generated by perl-byacc
Datum/Parser.y Parser for dynamic config language
Datum/  [pod] Strips most DATUM calls lexically
Datum/Makefile Makefile for Datum subdirectory
Makefile.PL Generic Makefile template
scripts/datum_strip.PL Wrapper on Carp::Datum::Strip
t/basic_dflt.t Tests basic default settings
t/basic_off.t Tests with DATUM switched off
t/basic_on.t Tests with DATUM switched on
t/ Common code for regression tests
t/ Testing code using Carp::Datum
t/trace_off.t Tests tracing when DATUM switched off
t/trace_on.t Tests tracing when DATUM switched on