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Module Version: 0.000000_01   Source  


CatalystX::DynamicComponent - Parameterised Moose role providing functionality to build Catalyst components at runtime.


    package My::DynamicComponentType;
    use Moose::Role;
    use namespace::autoclean;

    with 'CatalystX::DynamicComponent' => {
        name => '_setup_one_of_my_components', # Name of injected method

    after setup_components => sub { shift->_setup_all_my_components(@_); };

    sub _setup_all_my_components {
        my ($self, $c) = @_;
        my $app = ref($self) || $self;
        foreach my $component_name ('Controller::Foo') {
            my %component_config = %{ $c->config->{$component_name} };
            # Shallow copy so we avoid stuffing methods back in the config, as that's lame!
            $component_config{methods} = {
                some_method => sub { 'foo' },
            # Calling this method creates a component, and registers it in your application
            # This component will subclass 'MyApp::ControllerBase', do 'MyApp::ControllerRole'
            # and have a method called 'some_method' which will return the value 'foo'..
            $self->_setup_one_of_my_components($app . '::' . $component_name, \%component_config);

    package MyApp;
    use Moose;
    use namespace::autoclean;
    use Catalyst qw/
        name => 'MyApp',
        'Controller::Foo' => {
            superclasses => [qw/MyApp::ControllerBase/],
            roles => [qw/MyApp::ControllerRole/],


CatalystX::DynamicComponent aims to provide a flexible and reuseable method of building Roles which can be added to Catalyst applications, which generate components dynamically at application startup using the Moose meta model.

Thi is implemented as a parametrised role which curries a component builder method into your current package at application time.

Authors of specific dynamic component builders are expected implement an application class roles which composes this role, and their own advice after the setup_compontents method, which will call the component generation method provided by using this role once for each component you wish to create.



Required - The name of the component generator method to curry.


Optional, a hash reference with keys being method names, and values being a Class::MOP::Method, or a plain code ref of a method to apply to the dynamically generated package before making it immutable.


Optional, an array reference of roles to apply to the generated component


Optional, an array reference of superclasses to give the generated component.

If this is not defined, and not passed in as an argument to the generation method, then Catalyst::(Model|View|Controller) will used as the base class (as appropriate given the requested namespace of the generated class, otherwise Catalyst::Component will be used.

FIXME - Need tests for this.


Optional, either a coderef, which will be called with the component $meta and the merged $config, or a string name of a method to call on the application class, with the same parameters.

This hook is called after a component has been generated and methods added, but before it is made immutable, constructed, and added to your component registry.




It is possible to set each of the roles, methods and superclasses parameters for each generated package individually by defining those keys in the $config parameter to your curried component generation method.

By default, roles and methods supplied from the curried role, and those passed as config will be merged.

Superclasses, no the other hand, will replace those from the curried configuration if passed as options. This is to discourage accidental use of multiple inheritence, if you need this feature enabled, you should probably be using Roles instead!

It is possible to change the default behavior of each parameter by passing a $param_name.'_resolve_strategy' parameter when currying a class generator, with values of either merge or replace.


    package My::ComponentGenerator;
    use Moose;

    with 'CatalystX::DynamicComponent' => {
        name => 'generate_magic_component',
        roles => ['My::Role'],
        roles_resolve_strategy => 'replace',

    package MyApp;
    use Moose;
    use Catalyst qw/
    extends 'Catalyst';
    after 'setup_components' => sub {
        my ($app) = @_;
        # Component generated has no roles
        $app->generate_magic_component('MyApp::Controller::Foo', { roles => [] });
        # Component generated does My::Role
        $app->generate_magic_component('MyApp::Controller::Foo', {} );





Catalyst, MooseX::MethodAttributes, CatalystX::DynamicComponent::ModelsFromConfig.


Probably plenty, test suite certainly isn't comprehensive.. Patches welcome.

Source code can be found on github:


Tomas Doran (t0m) <>


This code is copyright (c) 2009 Tomas Doran. This code is licensed on the same terms as perl itself.

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