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This Release Code-Statistics-1.112980  [Download] [Browse 25 Oct 2011
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Special Files


Code::Statistics collects and reports statistics on perl code     1.112980
Code::Statistics::App handles global command configuration and cstat instantiation     1.112980
Code::Statistics::App::Command base class for commands     1.112980
Code::Statistics::App::Command::collect the shell command handler for stat collection     1.112980
Code::Statistics::App::Command::nop does nothing     1.112980
Code::Statistics::App::Command::report the shell command handler for stat reporting     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Collector collects statistics and dumps them to json     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Config merges configuration options from various sources     1.112980
Code::Statistics::File loads a file, searches for targets in it and measures their metrics     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric base class for Code::Statistic metrics     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric::ccomp measures the cyclomatic complexity of a target     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric::col measures the starting column of a target     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric::deviation measures the starting column of a target     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric::line measures the line number of a target     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric::lines measures the line count of a target     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric::path measures the starting column of a target     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric::sdepth measures the scope depth of a target     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Metric::size measures the byte size of a target     1.112980
Code::Statistics::MooseTypes provides coercion types for Code::Statistics     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Reporter creates reports statistics and outputs them     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Target base class for Code::Statistic targets     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Target::Block represents a block in perl code     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Target::RootDocument represents the root PPI document of a perl file     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Target::Sub represents a sub in perl code     1.112980
Code::Statistics::Target::nop represents nothing     1.112980


codestat gather code statistics on the command line