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Code::TidyAll::Plugin - Create plugins for tidying or validating code


version 0.65


    package Code::TidyAll::Plugin::SomeTidier;
    use Moo;
    extends 'Code::TidyAll::Plugin';

    sub transform_source {
        my ( $self, $source ) = @_;
        return $source;

    package Code::TidyAll::Plugin::SomeValidator;
    use Moo;
    extends 'Code::TidyAll::Plugin';

    sub validate_file {
        my ( $self, $file ) = @_;
        die 'not valid' if ...;


To use a tidier or validator with tidyall it must have a corresponding plugin class that inherits from this class. This document describes how to implement a new plugin.

The easiest way to start is to look at existing plugins, such as Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlTidy and Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlCritic.


If you are going to publicly release your plugin, call it 'Code::TidyAll::Plugin::something' so that users can find it easily and refer to it by its short name in configuration.

If it's an internal plugin, you can call it whatever you like and refer to it with a plus sign prefix in the config file, e.g.

    select = **/*.{pl,pm,t}


Your plugin constructor will be called with the configuration key/value pairs as parameters. e.g. given

    select = lib/**/*.pm
    ignore = lib/
    argv = -severity 3

then Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlCritic would be constructed with parameters

        select => 'lib/**/*.pm',
        ignore => 'lib/',
        argv   => '-severity 3',

The following attributes are part of this base class. Your subclass can declare others, of course.


A standard attribute for passing command line arguments.


A standard attribute for specifying the name of the command to run, e.g. "/usr/local/bin/perlcritic".


This only applies to plugins which transform source. If this is true, then when the plugin is run in check mode it will include a diff in the return value from process_source_or_file when the source is not tidy.


An attribute that indicates if this is a validator or not; By default this returns true if either validate_source or validate_file methods have been implemented.


Name of the plugin to be used in error messages etc.


A weak reference back to the Code::TidyAll object.

select, ignore

Select and ignore patterns - you can ignore these.


A number indicating the relative weight of the plugin, used to calculate the order the plugins will execute in. The lower the number the sooner the plugin will be executed.

By default the weight will be 50 for non validators (anything where is_validator returns false) and 60 for validators (anything where is_validator returns true.)

The order of plugin execution is determined first by the value of the weight attribute, and then (if multiple plugins have the same weight>) by sorting by the name of module.


Your plugin may define one or more of these methods. They are all no-ops by default.

preprocess_source ($source)

Receives source code as a string; returns the processed string, or dies with error. This runs on all plugins before any of the other methods.

transform_source ($source)

Receives source code as a string; returns the transformed string, or dies with error. This is repeated multiple times if --iterations was passed or specified in the configuration file.

transform_file ($file)

Receives filename; transforms the file in place, or dies with error. Note that the file will be a temporary copy of the user's file with the same basename; your changes will only propagate back if there was no error reported from any plugin. This is repeated multiple times if --iterations was passed or specified in the configuration file.

validate_source ($source)

Receives source code as a string; dies with error if invalid. Return value will be ignored.

validate_file ($file)

Receives filename; validates file and dies with error if invalid. Should not modify file! Return value will be ignored.

postprocess_source ($source)

Receives source code as a string; returns the processed string, or dies with error. This runs on all plugins after any of the other methods.


Bugs may be submitted at

I am also usually active on IRC as 'autarch' on irc://


The source code repository for Code-TidyAll can be found at



This software is copyright (c) 2011 - 2017 by Jonathan Swartz.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this distribution.

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