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CodeManager - Yet Another Source Editor


        #!/usr/bin/perl -w

        use strict;
        use warnings;

        use Prima::CodeManager::CodeManager;

        our $project = Prima::CodeManager-> new();
        $project-> open( '' );
        $project-> loop;


where is a CodeManager project configuration file. This one is created in your home directory: ~/.CodeManager/projects/


The aim of creating CodeManager is to manage projects with many types source files. Specially when deal with exotic ones or our own ones. Moreover it is useful in projects which files are in a few independent directories. It could be usefull in the cases when "standard" highlitning is not satisactory.

CodeManager uses excelent Prima libraries and therefore works identically in those systems which have Prima installed (tested Linux and Windows).


CodeManager is a source editor with the following features in mind:

1. Easy project tree(s) maintenance.

Project can consists of few main directories - not just one. Each of the sub-projects has it's own file extensions list that have to be displayed. Directories and files can be easily draged and droped (with a mouse and Ctrl key).

2. Easy source files edition.

Extremaly ease defining source files hilighting of known and unknown file types (in fact effortless when Perl regular expression rules are known). The inspiration for this was a horrible higliting quite a lot of types and the fact, that I use in my projects my own types of files.

The highliting is not perfect, especially there is no block one. I think this is the price of having the one-line highliting very fast. As a result CodeManager can handle large file quite easyly. I use it for instance to edit PostgreSQL dump files of size over 200MB and over 470 000 lines.

3. Easy template files preparation.

CodeManager has templates files. CodeManager project consists of files (always with an extension) and directories (without). When new object is created, then it is possible to bind with the creation a sequence of perl tasks (written in a template file). It is as easy as to write perl script. The template file is then eval(uated).


CodeManager creates in your HOME directory a subdirectory .CodeManager in which stores the projects configuration (with a .CodeManager extensions) and templates subdirectory to store template files (perl scripts).

CodeManager uses images files that are stored in CodeManager installation sub-directory CodeManager/img. The images are 12x12 png objects. Their names have the form XXX.png, where XXX stands for the extension.

Highliting files are stored similarly: in the hilite subdirectory. These are perl scripts with regular expressions and their names have the form:, where XXX stands for the extension.


Waldemar Biernacki, <>


Copyright 2009-2012 by Waldemar Biernacki.


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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