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combustier - run a standalone combust server

About ^

This program makes it easier to preview changes to combust-based sites (such as the sites) without going through the full apache/combust setup process.

This allows you to preview your changes to the site before checking-in to the live svn.

Caveats ^

This setup should reliably render all of the actual content (failing to do this is definitely a bug.) It may return errors for some requests where the live site would redirect, or other scenarios.

Setup ^


You'll need to fetch the combust code, as well as the shared components:

  git clone git:// combust2
  svn co

Then whichever site you plan to hack on:

  svn co

Now simply run combustier:

  combustier learn

Usage ^

  combustier [OPTIONS] combust.conf

Options ^

-c, --combust PATH

Path to combust tree. This should typically be a checkout from git://

DEFAULT: combust2

--port NUMBER

Server port number.


-h, --help

Show help about options.

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