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edate -- print date and time in Amharic or Tigrigna with locale options

FORMAT ^ [options]

SYNOPSIS ^ -c -q -a -y -l tir

Please see the help -?

for short usage info.

DESCRIPTION ^ is the Perl analogue of "edate" which comes with the LibEth library. also requires LibEth and the Ethiopic:: module which is itself an interface to LibEth. does not yet fully emulate the capabilities of LibEth edate but that is an eventual goal.


Note: -? will present the same information with examples in UTF8 (which chokes under standard man output).


Format with Amete Mehret.


Format with '/' between Amete Mehret (goes with -a).


Format with Ethiopic comma after day of week.


Format day of month with Ethiopic numerals.


Format with Ethiopian hour system.

-l [lang]

Change default language as per: -l amh or -l tir .


Format with Ethiopic wordspace.


Format with word "day" after day of month.


Format year with Ethiopic numerals.


Print help message and quit.


perl(1). Et(3).


Daniel Yacob, LibEth@EthiopiaOnline.Net

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