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Convert::Number::Digits - Convert Digits Between the Scripts of Unicode.


 use utf8;
 require Convert::Number::Digits;

 my $number = 12345;
 my $d = new Convert::Number::Digits ( $number );
 print "$number => ", $d->toArabic, "\n";

 my $gujarti = $d->toGujarti;
 my $khmer = reverse ( $d->toKhmer );
 $d->number ( $khmer );  # reset the number
 print "$number => $gujarti => ", $d->number, " => ", $n->convert, "\n";


The Convert::Number::Digits will convert a sequence of digits from one script supported in Unicode, into another. UTF-8 encoding is used for all scripts.


convert - outputs digits in Western script (0-9).
toMethods - get a list of the following conversion methods:
toArabicIndic - output digits in ArabicIndic script (۱-۲).
toBengali - output digits in Bengali script (১-২).
toBold - output digits in Bold script (𝟏-𝟐).
toDevanagari - output digits in Devanagari script (१-२).
toDoubleStruck - output digits in DoubleStruck script (𝟙-𝟚).
toEthiopic - output digits in Ethiopic script (፩-፪).
toFullWidth - output digits in FullWidth script (1-2).
toGujarati - output digits in Gujarati script (૧-૨).
toGurmukhi - output digits in Gurmukhi script (੧-੨).
toKannada - output digits in Kannada script (೧-೨).
toKhmer - output digits in Khmer script (១-២).
toLao - output digits in Lao script (໑-໒).
toLimbu - output digits in Limbu script (᥆-᥏).
toMalayalam - output digits in Malayalam script (൧-൨).
toMongolian - output digits in Mongolian script (᠑-᠒).
toMonoSpace - output digits in MonoSpace script (𝟷-𝟸).
toMyanmar - output digits in Myanmar script (၁-၂).
toOriya - output digits in Oriya script (୧-୨).
toOsmanya - output digits in Osmanya script (𐒠-𐒩).
toRomanLower - output digits in lowercase Roman numerals (ⅰ-ⅸ).
toRomanUpper - output digits in uppercase Roman numerals (Ⅰ-Ⅸ).
toSansSerif - output digits in SansSerif script (𝟣-𝟤).
toSansSerifBold - output digits in SansSerifBold script (𝟭-𝟮).
toTamil - output digits in Tamil script (௧-௨).
toTelugu - output digits in Telugu script (౧-౨).
toThai - output digits in Thai script (๑-๒).
toTibetan - output digits in Tibetan script (༡-༢). =back


Ethiopic, Roman and Tamil scripts do not have a zero. Western 0 is used instead.

Though a script has digits its numeral system is not necessarily digital. For example, Roman, Coptic, Ethiopic, Greek and Hebrew. If you convert digits into these systems it is assumed that you know what you are doing (and your starting number is an applicable sequence). The Convert::Number::Digits package converts digits and not numbers.


The package is known to work on Perl 5.6.1 and 5.8.0 but has not been tested on other versions of Perl by the author.


This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


None presently known.


Daniel Yacob,


Convert::Number::Coptic Convert::Number::Ethiopic

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