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This Release Convos-0.6  [Download] [Browse 09 Jun 2014
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Repository https://github.com/Nordaaker/convos
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License The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)
Special Files


Convos Multiuser IRC proxy with web interface     0.6
Convos::Archive Mojolicious Controller for IRC logs      
Convos::Chat Mojolicious controller for IRC chat      
Convos::Client Mojolicious controller for IRC chat      
Convos::Command::backend Start convos backend      
Convos::Command::upgrade Upgrade Convos      
Convos::Command::version Version command      
Convos::Connection Mojolicious controller for IRC connections      
Convos::Core TODO      
Convos::Core::Archive Backend archive      
Convos::Core::Commands Translate to IRC commands      
Convos::Core::Connection Represents a connection to an IRC server      
Convos::Core::Util Utility functions for Convos      
Convos::Loopback Loopback connection      
Convos::Oembed Generate oembed chunks.      
Convos::Plugin::Helpers Mojo's little helpers      
Convos::Upgrader Apply changes from one convos version to another      
Convos::Upgrader::v0_3003 Upgrade instructions to version 0.3003      
Convos::Upgrader::v0_3004 Upgrade instructions to version 0.3004      
Convos::Upgrader::v0_3005 Cleanup instructions to version 0.3005      
Convos::User Mojolicious controller for user data      

Other Files