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Steve Baker > Crypt-OOEnigma


This Release Crypt-OOEnigma-0.3  [Download] [Browse 03 Oct 2002
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Crypt::OOEnigma A World War II Enigma machine in a flexible OO framework    0.3
Crypt::OOEnigma::Commercial A commercial Enigma machine circa 1940.    0.3
Crypt::OOEnigma::Military A military Enigma machine circa 1940. It differs from the Commercial Enigma in the addition of a plugboard before the rotors.    0.3
Crypt::OOEnigma::Plugboard The Plugboard object for use in Crypt::OOEnigmas    0.3
Crypt::OOEnigma::Reflector The Reflector object for use in Crypt::OOEnigma    0.3
Crypt::OOEnigma::Rotor The Rotor object for use in Crypt::OOEnigma    0.3