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This Release Curses-Toolkit-0.211  [Download] [Browse 10 Aug 2013
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Curses::Toolkit a modern Curses toolkit     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event base class for events     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Content base class for content events     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Content::Changed event that is related to content change     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Focus base class for focus events     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Focus::In event that is related to in-focus     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Focus::Out event that is related to out-focus     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Key event that is related to keystrokes     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Mouse base class for mouse events     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Mouse::Click event that is related to mouse click     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Event::Shape event that is related to root window shape change     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::EventListener base class for event listeners     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::EventListener::Key event listener listening for a keyboard action     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Object base class for objects     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Object::Coordinates simple coordinates class     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Object::Flags simple collection of flags     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Object::MarkupString a string that contains markups     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Object::Shape simple shape class     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Role base class for roles     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Role::Focusable This role implements the fact that a widget can have focus     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Signal     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Signal::Clicked     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Signal::Content     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Signal::Content::Changed     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Signal::Focused     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Signal::Focused::In     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Signal::Focused::Out     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Theme base class for widgets themes     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Theme::Default default widget theme     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Theme::Default::Color base class for default coloured widgets themes     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Theme::Default::Color::BlueWhite default widget theme with blue-ish foreground on white-ish background     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Theme::Default::Color::Pink default widget theme with pink-ish color, made for Book     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Theme::Default::Color::Yellow default widget theme with color     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Theme::Default::Test widget test theme     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Theme::Default::Test::CursesMockup     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Types various types used within the dist     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget base class for widgets     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Bin a bin widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Border a border widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Button a simple text button widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Container a container widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Entry base class for focus events     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::GenericButton a button widget that can hold any other widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::HBox an horizontal box widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::HPaned a container with two panes arranged horizontally     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::HProgressBar a horizontal progress bar widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::HScrollBar an horizontal scrollbar widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Label a widget to display text     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Paned generic paned widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::ProgressBar progress bar widget base class     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::ScrollArea a scrollable area     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::ScrollBar     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::VBox a vertical box widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::VPaned a container with two panes arranged horizontally     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::VProgressBar a vertical progress bar widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::VScrollBar a vertical scrollbar widget     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Window a window     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Window::Dialog a dialog window     0.211
Curses::Toolkit::Widget::Window::Dialog::About an about dialog window     0.211
POE::Component::Curses the ( currently only ) loader for Curses::toolkit     0.211
POE::Component::Curses::MainLoop <FIXME>     0.211