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Source   Latest Release: DBD-Oracle-1.74_99



Try to use Oracle's own 'build' rule. Defaults to true.


With -b, use this names build rule (eg -r=build64).


Path to ''


Path to oracle header files.


Alter preference for


Oracle .mk macro name to use for library list to link with.


Don't encourage use of shared library.


Try direct-link to libclntsh.


Enable debugging (-g for compiler and linker).


Find a symbol in oracle libs, Don't build a Makefile.


Find a symbol in oracle & system libs, Don't build a Makefile.


Be more verbose.


Much more verbose for debugging.


Include text of oracle's .mk file within generated Makefile.


Force - ignore errors.


Just write a basic default Makefile (won't build).


Enable many gcc compiler warnings.


Force assumption of specified Oracle version If == 8 then we don't use the new OCI_INIT code and we force our emulation of OCILobWriteAppend.

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