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DBD::Sys::Roadmap - high level to do list and targetted goals


This page provides a high level overview about the future extensions of the DBD::Sys module and the improvements of the module itself.

The planned extensions and improvements always cover testing, performance, portability etc.



Disks and Volume Groups

Desired coverage is lvm2 on Linux, Veritas Volume Manager, ZFS, lvm on AIX, Sun Logical Volume Manager, Vinum (FreeBSD), ccd or raidframe on NetBSD and (hopefully) many, many more.

Associations should be possible between physical disks and volume groups as well as between volume groups or disks and file systems.

Installed Software Packages

All major packaging systems should be supported: rpm, dpkg, pkg (BSD), pkg (Solaris), lpp (AIX), sw_list (HP-UX), ...

More Networking Tables

... like routing information, firewall states, ...

Health Information

like last backup time, backup sizes, database roles, login failures (system, databases, ...)

And there may be many, many more which can be collected via an SQL interface, collected at one single point via DBD::Gofer proxying, added to reports via Template::DBI and Template::Plugin::Latex.


Modification on some Tables

For example, add a new row to PROCS should start a new process (detached, in background) or deleting a row should kill that process.

Support additional DBI information

Get additional information via get_info, column_info, primary_key_info, primary_key, foreign_key_info, statistics_info, tables, type_info_all and type_info is currently not implemented.

Extend Tests to more Platforms

Being able to analyse the modules behaviour on several platforms would allow not just make tests pass, it would allow to improve the support for those platforms.


There're several ways how you can help to support future development: You can hire the author to implement the features you require at most (this also defines priorities), you can negotiate a support and maintenance contract with the company of the author and you can provide patches.

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