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This Release DBIx-DataModel-3.0  [Download] [Browse 23 Feb 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


DBIx::DataModel UML-based Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework     3.0
DBIx::DataModel::Compatibility::V0 compatibility with previous versions 0.*      
DBIx::DataModel::Compatibility::V1 compatibility with previous versions 1.*      
DBIx::DataModel::Meta meta-information for DBIx::DataModel      
DBIx::DataModel::Meta::Association meta-information about an association      
DBIx::DataModel::Meta::Path meta-information about a path      
DBIx::DataModel::Meta::Schema Meta-information about a DBIx::DataModel schema      
DBIx::DataModel::Meta::Type registered collection of column handlers      
DBIx::DataModel::Meta::Utils Utility methods for DBIx::DataModel metaclasses      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema Factory for DBIx::DataModel Schemas      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::Generator automatically generate a schema for DBIx::DataModel      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs Parent class for result kinds      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Categorize tree of categorized lists of rows      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Count count rows      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Fast_statement statement with reusable memory for rows      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::File_tabular write rows in a tabular file      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Firstrow first data row      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Flat_arrayref accumulates columns into a flat arrayref      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Hashref arrange data rows in a hash      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Json result in JSON format      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Rows all data rows      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Sql sql and bind values      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Statement returns the statement      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Sth DBI statement handle      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Subquery SQL and bind values in a form suitable for a subquery      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Tsv writes into a tab-separated file      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Xlsx writes into an Excel file      
DBIx::DataModel::Schema::ResultAs::Yaml result in YAML format      
DBIx::DataModel::Source Abstract parent for Table and Join      
DBIx::DataModel::Source::Join Parent for Join classes      
DBIx::DataModel::Source::Table Parent for Table classes      
DBIx::DataModel::Statement DBIx::DataModel statement objects      
DBIx::DataModel::Statement::JDBC Statement for interacting with DBD::JDBC      
DBIx::DataModel::Statement::Oracle Statement for interacting with DBD::Oracle      


DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Cookbook Helpful recipes  
DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Delta_v1 Differences introduced in version 1.0  
DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Delta_v2 Differences introduced in version 2.0  
DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Delta_v3 Differences introduced in version 3.0  
DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Design Architecture and design principles  
DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Glossary Terms used in DBIx::DataModel documentation  
DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Internals Description of the internal structure  
DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Quickstart Get quickly started with DBIx::DataModel  
DBIx::DataModel::Doc::Reference General reference for DBIx::DataModel