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  DBIx::HTMLView::CGIQueryListView - A List user interface for DBI databases


  $view=new DBIx::HTMLView::CGIQueryListView($script, $dbi, $cgi);
  print $view->view_html;


This is a database viewer/editer using the CGI interface and HTML forms to present the user interface to the user. It's a very simple interface. At the top all the tabels of the database is listed to allow the user to select which one to edit, and at the botom the selected table is listed. Every post has a link to allow you to show, edit or delete them. There is also a link to add new posts to the table.

To be able to use this you need a cgi script that sets up a few things and decides which editor to use to edit single posts and to insert default values and so on... For a simple such script see View.cgi.

This is a subclass to DBIx::HTMLView::CGIView. =head1 METHODS


If you want to add some extra SQL clauses to the end of the select command they can be given here. This can be used to specify in which order the posts should appear by giving an ORDER clause.


Returns the html code for the editor as specified by previous methods.

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