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This Release Daizu-0.3  [Download] [Browse 26 Nov 2006
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


Daizu class for accessing Daizu CMS from Perl     0.3
Daizu::Feed class for creating Atom and RSS feeds      
Daizu::File class representing files in working copies      
Daizu::Gen default generator class      
Daizu::Gen::Blog generator for publishing a blog      
Daizu::HTML functions for handling HTML and XHTML content      
Daizu::Plugin::DisplayPicture display scaled-down versions of images in articles      
Daizu::Plugin::HeaderAnchor add anchors to headings in all articles      
Daizu::Plugin::ImageMetadata add information to 'img' elements      
Daizu::Plugin::PictureArticle publish image files as articles      
Daizu::Plugin::PodArticle a plugin for publishing Perl POD documentation on websites      
Daizu::Plugin::RelatedLinks add information to 'img' elements      
Daizu::Plugin::SyntaxHighlight a plugin for syntax-highlighting code samples in HTML pages      
Daizu::Plugin::XHTMLArticle plugin for loading articles written in XHTML      
Daizu::Preview functions for generating preview versions of output content      
Daizu::Publish functions for publishing output      
Daizu::Publish::Editor Subversion editor for creating publishing jobs      
Daizu::Revision functions for loading revisions from Subversion      
Daizu::TTProvider fetch TT templates from a Daizu working copy      
Daizu::Test functions for use by the test suite      
Daizu::Util various utility functions      
Daizu::Wc access to database working copies      
Daizu::Wc::UpdateEditor Subversion editor for updating database working copies      


daizu command line interface to Daizu CMS downgrade the database for a Daizu0.2 installation to work with Daizu0.1  
preview.cgi dynamic preview of Daizu output upgrade the database for a Daizu0.1 installation to work with Daizu0.2